VELUX® sun tunnels
Ideal for windowless bathrooms and hallways
flexible TWF/TLF or rigid TWR/TLR
Natural daylight where you never thought it could reach

A sky tunnel or sometimes called a sun tunnel works by bringing the light into your house through a tunnel or tube with mirrors that redirects the light from outside your home into your home and looks a lot like high hat lights from the inside.

A highly reflective flexible or rigid tunnel will channel daylight from the roof to the ceiling. Now you can brighten up those windowless corridors, stairwells and bathrooms with an amazing VELUX« Sun Tunnel.  VELUX« sun tunnel skylights are perfect for any room where a view to the outside is not needed or where glass skylights are not an option due to space or construction limitations.

Easily installed between your roof and ceiling, it floods any area with natural light an is virtually maintenance free. Optional light kits mounted inside the tube can turn the sun tunnel TM into an electric light for non-daylight lighting.

From the outside the VELUX« sun tunnel looks just like a discreet VELUX«  roof light.

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