Replacement panes for VELUX® roof windows
Do you need a glazier to replace your VELUX® roof windows which have condensation inside the double glazed unit ? Do not hesitate to contact VITROTOIT SA, your "VELUX® doctor" 021 944 40 21 to re-glaze your roof windows. (and skylights)

Even though VELUX® roof window panes are of a very high quality, an original VELUX® pane will still deteriorate through time. When the glazing unit has deteriorated, the level of insulation is considerably lower than with a new, low-energy pane. Using a low-energy pane will result in significantly reduce heating costs.

Moreover, all standard VELUX® dual sealed double glazed insulating panes are hail resistant (toughened outer pane).

There is a wide range of VELUX® panes to fulfill all your requirements (heat insulation, soundproofing, clear and clean coating on outer pane, laminated inner pane, triple glazing, minergy,...)

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